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Z Stick Vape Products & Flavors

On the market since 2015, Z Stick is one one of the most sought after vapes in the U.S. Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in 12 countries, Z Stick has acquired over $300 million in sales across the board for its various vaping products.

Z Stick is one of the only disposable vape companies to receive a filing and acceptance letter from the FDA for a PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application). In March 2020, Z Stick filed its PMTA to the FDA, which was accepted on August 20th. They then received a filing letter on September 24th, making them one of only non big tobacco disposable vape companies on the market to pass the filing stage and be placed in the Substantial Review phase. 

Z Stick is a key player in the vaping industry thanks to their quality ingredients, excellent customer service, and PMTA status. In order to receive a filing and acceptance letter from the FDA for a PMTA, Z Stick was required to submit hundreds of thousands of pages of substantial lab results—including all of the raw materials that the Z Stick is composed of—to establish credibility with the FDA. Z Stick’s products use only the highest quality materials to avoid posing any health risks to consumers. 

Z Stick has its own factory in China to ensure quality control, using the best practices and healthiest ingredients that can possibly be used in a vaping device. Therefore, Z Stick has established itself in the industry with credibility, honesty, and integrity. This has helped them grow substantially to become one of the most trusted brands in the alternative tobacco industry, attracting an extremely loyal customer base. Interested in learning more about our products? Browse our disposable vapes.


The customer service representatives at Z Stick are always available to respond to any questions or concerns from customers, and prides itself as a company focused on serving you, the customer. Get in touch with us for more information about our brand or vape products.