Does Your Vape Taste Burnt? Here's How to Fix The Problem

Does Your Vape Taste Burnt? Here's How to Fix The Problem

With every puff, your vape should deliver flavorful, soothing hits of nicotine—but what if that’s not the case? When your vape tastes burnt, is lacking flavor, or is causing you to have a sore throat, the internal mechanisms that compose the vape may be out of whack. These issues may result in a less-than-enjoyable vaping experience.

So, is there a way to fix these problems? We have the answers to your burning questions, so read further to discover what to do if your vape doesn’t taste right.

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Why Does Your Vape Taste Burnt?

Inside of your vape, there are several components working together to make it function. One of those components is a wick located directly inside the atomizer. When there isn’t enough e-juice being soaked into the wick, but the coil heats it up anyway, you may experience something called a “burnt hit.” A burnt hit can cause a charred taste to enter your mouth—something most people don’t find enjoyable.

Is a Dry Hit Different Than a Burnt Hit?

While many vapers use the terms “burnt hit” and “dry hit” interchangeably, there’s a noticeable difference between the two. We know that a burnt hit leaves a recognizable and unpleasant aftertaste, whereas a dry hit occurs when you either run out of e-juice, the wick is dry, or you receive a hit without vapor or flavor. With a dry hit, however, you don’t experience any of the bad taste and coughing that goes along with a burnt hit.

What to Do if You Experience a Burnt Vape Taste

When you’re expecting a flavorful burst of nicotine, but end up with a foul-taste in your mouth, you may be experiencing an issue with your vape. Thankfully, the good news is that there are several easy ways to fix this issue and prevent it from happening again in the future.


When your cartridge starts to run low, you run the risk of dry burning your coils. Since most wicks are made from cotton, they run the risk of becoming damaged if they don’t have the proper amount of e-juice saturation for protection. If these wicks run dry for too long, they can become burnt along with the charred taste. To avoid this, keep your tanks topped off and you shouldn’t run into this problem.

If you choose a refillable vape pen, make sure to pick one with the proper storage space for extra e-juice which can also impact the temperature. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, you run the risk of thickening the e-juice, which can lead to wick and coil issues. To regulate the temperature, keep any excess stored in a place that is moderate in temperature and humidity and that is out of direct sunlight — learn more about keeping your e-juice fresh.

Coil Care

Within the atomizer, there are two components. The first is the coil, which heats up the wick — the second component that produces the vapor. When it comes to burnt flavor, the atomizer is often the main culprit.

To avoid a burnt taste, first make sure that the coil is clean. To do so, take a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol and gently scrub away any excess debris and rinse with warm water. Not only does this cleaning method ensure a normal puff, but it prolongs the life of the coil and improves the vapes overall performance, meaning you don’t have to replace it as often.

Even if the coil seems fine, you should still replace it every once in a while. Due to regular wear and tear, coils can break down after just one to two weeks of regular vaping. Eventually, the hits will become drier and drier until they begin to give off that burnt flavor. If you pop open your vape and notice a blackened coil, it’s time to take a trip to the smoke shop. Thankfully, proper maintenance can prolong the life of the coil and keep your e-juice tasting fresh.

Wick Care

The second component of the atomizer is the wick, another place where you may run into evidence that suggests there’s a burning problem.

One of the first things to not is that chain vaping can cause considerable damage to a wick. When you hit your vape pen repeatedly, the wick doesn’t have enough time to become re-saturated. Therefore, when you burn a dry wick, you’re setting yourself up to taste a bad flavor. In this case, you’ll want to slow down and space out your hits in order to prolong the use of the wick.

The type of wick you use may also be contributing to the taste of the vapor. Using a smaller wick decreasing the total area that needs to be saturated as well as the time it takes to do so. Simply put, you can take more hits more often without worrying about causing any potential damage to your device.


Lastly, although it isn’t the first place to start diagnosing problems, the battery may cause issues if its wattage is too high for the accompanying atomizer. For example, higher wattages may produce a thicker vapor, but they tend to burn the coil hotter and faster. As such, the wick dries out quicker and you run the risk of inhaling a burnt hit. A lower wattage gives the device time to reabsorb the necessary e-juice needed to keep the vapor running smoothly. 

Choose a Disposable Vape Pen

ziip stick disposable vapes

Many companies are introducing disposable vape pens as an alternative to the more complex and costly mods and other refillable options. Disposables are designed to supply just the right amount of hits and when its depletion indicator goes off, you simply throw it out and open a new one. With disposables, you don’t have to worry about replacing coils or adding more e-juice to the device to avoid that nasty charred flavor.

If you’re searching for a vape that is long-lasting, tastes great, and never burns, try the newest disposable device Z Stick from Ziip Labs. With over 500 puffs, 13 soothing flavors, and a variety of nicotine strengths to choose from, Z Sticks are the perfect alternative to refillable vapes. Take a look at our shop to view our selection of vapes and to learn more about our products.

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