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What are the Longest-Lasting Disposable Vapes in 2024?

The quest for the longest-lasting disposable vape is common among casual vapers and aficionados. With the average disposable vape barely topping 500 puffs, finding long-lasting options that will keep you satisfied for days, let alone weeks, can be tricky.

Finding a high puff count vape can be a complete game-changer for your vaping experience.

Restocking smaller vapes becomes expensive quickly, especially when shipping fees accompany every order. Still, you may be hesitant to splurge on a large-capacity vape because you're stuck with it for a while if you dislike how it tastes or performs.

To help you avoid this predicament, we’ve assembled a list of dependable vapes that truly stand the test of time — and taste great, too. We’ll delve into critical factors contributing to each vape's longevity, including puff count, battery capacity, build quality, and performance.

Before we proceed, note that all of the nicotine vapes below are high-strength disposables with nicotine contents of 5% or 50 mg/ml. As such, we won’t repeat ourselves by mentioning the nicotine strength of every disposable vape. However, few of these brands do provide optional lower-strength formulations, which we’ll highlight along the way.

The Longest-Lasting Disposable Vapes

Ziip Stick — Z Bold

Z Bold vape from Ziip Stick

The Z Bold from Ziip Stick stands out as a top contender for the longest-lasting vape on the market. Filled with 12 ml of vape juice, each disposable vape delivers 5,000 intense puffs, and many reviewers exclaim that these vapes seem to “last forever.”

The Z Bold is our longest-lasting vape, featuring a rechargeable battery to support weeks of vaping. Note that the 650 mAh battery capacity should last the average vaper around six hours of regular use before it needs recharging.

Like all products from Ziip Stick, these long-lasting vapes are designed for reliability. We use advanced vaporizing components to ensure smooth, consistent hits right down to the last drop of e-liquid.

Ziip Stick is also one of the only disposable vape brands with a Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) accepted and filed by the FDA, meaning all Ziip Stick vaporizing materials, devices, and juices have been meticulously tested for end-user safety and consistent quality.

Since these vapes last such a long time, be sure to pick a flavor you enjoy — nine fruity flavors suit anyone’s taste. If that’s not enough, Z Bold vapes contain double the flavor of Ziip Sticks’ other disposable vape products, making them perfect for flavor fanatics.

Check out the Ziip Stick Z Bold

Priv Bar — Turbo

Priv Bar vape from Turbo

If you enjoy customizing your vaping experience, check out the Priv Bar Turbo. This disposable vape offers two modes, allowing users to choose between Turbo for an intense experience and Normal for longer-lasting enjoyment.

This 16 ml device will deliver around 10,000 puffs in Turbo mode and a staggering 15,000 puffs in Normal mode — the most hits you’ll get from any diffuser we reviewed.

To give you even more control over your vaping sessions, these disposables also feature three adjustable airflow levels that allow you to fine-tune the concentration of vapor produced.

These Priv Bar vapes also boast impressive 800 mAh batteries, providing a long battery life to minimize frequent recharging. Additionally, we love that the company has incorporated a large screen displaying the remaining battery charge, e-liquid level, and selected vaping mode.

Check out the Priv Bar Turbo

Geek Bar — Pulse

Pulse vape from Geek Bar

Geek Bar produces a range of long-lasting vapes, but the Pulse takes the lead as the company’s highest-puff disposable vape.

Like the Priv Bar Turbo, these vapes allow users to toggle between two vaping modes. Regular Mode alternates heat across the device’s dual cores to produce consistent flavor even when the battery is low, delivering up to 15,000 puffs across the lifetime of the vape. Conversely, Pulse Mode produces half the puffs but doubles the vapor output, providing 7,500 heavy hits full of intense flavor.

These vapes also feature full-sized screens, which are convenient for viewing information about your remaining battery life and e-juice store. As if that’s not enough, the screen also displays fun cosmic animations during vaping and charging. How cute is that?

These Geek Bar vapes include batteries with an industry-average capacity of 650 mAh. Still, with such a large screen and the optional Pulse Mode — which operates at 20 watts — they may require more frequent charging than other rechargeable disposables.

Check out the Geek Bar Pulse

Air Bar — AB10000

AB10,000 vape from Air Bar

Next up, the AB10000 from Air Bar is a seriously mesmerizing vape sporting some impressive technology. True to its name, these 18 ml vapes consistently deliver 10,000 puffs with a user-friendly draw-activated firing system.

The company manufactures these vapes with an exclusive preheating coil, a mesh coil system explicitly designed to enhance every flavor note in an e-liquid — that setup couples well with the company policy of using only food-grade flavoring ingredients free from harmful chemicals.

Like many other large-capacity options, this disposable vape also has an e-liquid and battery life remaining display screen, though the screen is smaller — and therefore less power-hungry — than full-sized displays. The rechargeable 650 mAh battery is the perfect size for uninterrupted vaping.

Check out the Air Bar AB10000

MOTI — Beast Pro

Beast Pro vape from MOTI

MOTI’s flagship disposable vape, the Beast Pro, boasts the most puffs of any vape in the company's lineup.

These vapes each contain a dual mesh coil that allows for two different vaping modes: Boost and Normal. In Boost mode, both coils work together to produce intense, flavor-filled puffs. In Normal mode, the coils alternate to conserve power and e-juice. You can expect to get up to 10,000 puffs from the device in Normal mode.

Again, we love that these vapes feature a small display screen where you can find information about your remaining battery life and current vape juice level.

To support long-lasting use, these vapes are powered by rechargeable 750 mAh batteries, which are relatively large for the disposable vape market. MOTI also includes six levels of safety protection to prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting — any of which could otherwise damage the device.

Check out the MOTI Beast Pro

The Puff Brands — Hotbox

Hotbox vape from The Puff Brands

Compared with many fancier vapes we reviewed, The Puff Brands Hotbox is simple and straightforward. These disposables include a standard mesh coil and 16 ml of high-quality vape juice, delivering a perfectly adequate 7,500 puffs.

Puff Brands sales literature boasts that these vapes are fast-charging, though you won’t have to recharge too often — the 700 mAh battery will last a long time without any display screens or extra-powerful vaping modes to draw more power. With these Hotbox vapes, simplicity reigns supreme.

To make life even easier, the company includes a charging cable in the box — something unusual for disposables. You’ll also get a free lanyard, so you can easily tote your new vape wherever your day takes you without worrying about it slipping through your fingers or being forgotten somewhere along the way.

Check out The Puff Brands Hotbox

7 Daze — OHMLET

OHMLET vape from 7 Daze

The OHMLET from 7 Daze is another long-lasting disposable vape that prioritizes practicality over flashy embellishments. These vapes come pre-filled with 15 ml of e-liquid, enough to offer 7,000 puffs.

Despite their high puff counts, these vapes are ultra-compact and lightweight, making them perfect for use on the go.

Just note that the included 500 mAh battery is one of the smallest we’ve seen, so you’ll have to charge these vapes more frequently than other diffusers. Fortunately, OHMLETs feature fast charging, so you can return to vaping ASAP.

We also love this manufacturer’s selection of unique flavors like Blueberry Cake and Raspberry Dragon Lemonade. They also produce Clear (flavorless) and Classic Tobacco vapes — perfect for purists who prefer simple flavors.

Check out the 7 Daze OHMLET

VAAL — GLAZ 6500

GLAZ 6500 vape from VAAL

The GLAZ 6500 is VAAL’s longest-lasting rechargeable vape, containing 13 ml of e-juice and delivering 6,500 puffs.

We love that the company offers two nicotine strengths — 2% and 5% — to cater to different users. These are the only long-lasting disposables we reviewed available in 2% nicotine, ideal if you prefer milder hits.

These vapes include a standard 650 mAh battery and mesh coil. Nothing is too impressive here, but the simplicity is perfect if you just want a fuss-free vape that works.

Their stylish, transparent designs set these vapes apart, offering a unique aesthetic appeal. However, we have to point out that their square shape with numerous right angles might not provide the most comfortable fit in your pocket.

Check out the VAAL GLAZ 6500

Element Vape — Flum Pebble 6000

FLUM Pebble 6000 vape from Element Vape

Flum Pebble 6000 disposables from Element Vape are the perfect palm-sized disposables for long-lasting performance on the go. We appreciate the smooth, contoured design, which provides a comfortable handheld experience and allows the device to slide effortlessly into pockets and purses.

With 14 ml of pre-filled e-liquid, these vapes deliver 6,000 puffs. The 600 mAh battery is large enough for several hours of use between charges, and the mesh heating element heats the e-juice evenly to produce smooth vapor with every hit.

Flum Pebble vapes are available in a wide selection of flavors, with limited edition flavors popping up frequently. Element Vape has several limited edition Ice Crystal flavors right now, such as Green Apple Watermelon and Mighty Grapefruit, so be sure to check them out before they’re gone.

Check out the Element Vape Flum Pebble 6000 Disposable

EB Create — BC5000

BC5000 vape from EB Create

Like many other vapes we reviewed, the BC5000 from EB Create (formerly Elf Bar) stands out as a remarkable device offering impressive performance. With some 5,000 puffs per device, this vape won’t last as long as many of the other disposables we reviewed, but the advanced vaporizing components provide a satisfying experience nonetheless.

Equipped with dual coil systems designed explicitly for flavor enhancement, these vapes deliver rich and robust hits every time.

These disposables also feature an intelligent chip to maintain stable voltage output, ensuring the flavor remains strong until the last puff. At the same time, the 650 mAh battery provides sufficient capacity for prolonged use.

These vapes are available in the expected 5% nicotine strength, but there’s also a 0 mg no-nicotine option for those of you looking to reduce your nicotine intake while enjoying EBCreate’s much-ballyhooed line of unique e-juice flavors.

Check out the EB Create BC5000

Lost Mary — OS5000

OS5000 vape from Lost Mary

Our list would only be complete with acknowledging Lost Mary, a name revered by vapers worldwide.

The company makes some of the best rechargeable vapes on the market, and they look pretty cool, too. Lost Mary vapes are known for their beveled finish, which mimics the moon's surface and makes them easier to grip.

Like EB Create’s BC5000, the OS5000 from Lost Mary delivers 5,000 puffs and features a 650 mAh battery to support extended vaping sessions. But unlike the BC5000, these vapes include a battery indicator light to tell you when to recharge — before the situation is critical.

Recently, Lost Mary released two exclusive editions of these vapes, including Luster, which gives the vapes a slick chrome finish, and Frozen, which features fruity flavors rounded out with notes of icy menthol.

Check out the Lost Mary OS5000

Frequently Asked Questions About Long-Lasting Vapes

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How long do disposable vapes typically last?

The average disposable vape pen typically lasts around 500 to 600 puffs. However, large-capacity disposables last much longer than this, delivering puff counts from 5,000 all the way up to 15,000.

Different types of disposable vapes offer varying puff counts. For example, small vapes designed for discretion tend to have much lower puff counts, while larger vapes designed for long-lasting performance boast puff counts in the thousands.

If you’re looking for the best disposable vape that lasts longer than standard options on the market, opt for devices that advertise at least 5,000 puffs.

How long do 5,000 puffs typically last?

Under regular use, most disposable vapes with a puff count of 5,000 will last about two to three weeks, assuming the average user consumes around 350 to 500 puffs daily.

Of course, these vapes could last even longer if you vape infrequently, or they can be depleted in a day if you’re an unbelievably heavy user aiming for immediate nicotine poisoning. How long a 5,000-puff disposable vape lasts will ultimately depend on your vaping habits.

Why do disposable vapes sometimes run out faster than expected?

There are several reasons why disposable vapes may run out more quickly than you expected.

For one thing, issues with battery life are common in low-quality devices. If your vape uses a battery that is not rechargeable, the device might drain the pile before the included e-liquid runs out. Other internal components, such as circuits and coils, can also fail prematurely in cheaper vapes.

Draw-activated disposable vapes can also develop airflow issues when sensors become clogged. As a result, the vape may not activate when you inhale, making you think the battery is dead or the e-liquid tank is empty.

Most of these problems are uncommon with popular vapes that contain high-quality internal components and rechargeable batteries. However, even the best disposable vapes can fall short of their advertised puff counts.

This disparity often boils down to usage habits. Regularly taking long, hard puffs will use more e-juice per draw, accelerating the rate of e-liquid consumption.

How can you make your disposable vapes last longer?

Person surrounded by dense blue smoke

To extend the lifespan of your disposable vapes, consider taking shorter and less frequent puffs. If your vape is not rechargeable, allowing the coil to cool down between puffs will help the included battery charge last as long as possible.

Should you find yourself taking long, frequent draws to get your nicotine fix, consider upgrading to a vape with a higher nicotine load.

The strongest disposable vapes have a nicotine strength of 5% or 50 mg/ml. Choosing the most potent vape can help you satisfy your cravings with fewer puffs, reducing your overall e-liquid consumption and helping the device last longer.

Buying high-quality vapes is one of the easiest ways to get more puffs from your disposables. Vapes made from reputable brands — including those we mentioned above — are more likely to offer long-lasting performance and better overall durability.

Your best bet for sourcing long-lasting disposable vapes is to buy directly from recommended brands via their official websites. This approach will help you avoid cheap knock-offs, ensuring you receive authentic products that deliver the performance and longevity you expect.

Find the Longest-Lasting Disposable Vape

Are you ready to find that elusive disposable vape that lasts the longest? Opt for a vape with a high puff count, a rechargeable battery, a large e-liquid capacity, and high-quality internal components. Buying these long-lasting vapes is a cost-effective and convenient solution if you’re tired of restocking or running out of juice on the go.

With the increasing demand for reliable disposable vapes, Ziip Stick has stepped up to offer innovative and long-lasting solutions like the Z Bold, the highest-puff disposable vape in our company’s FDA-recognized lineup.

With its impressive 5,000 puff count and sizable rechargeable battery, Z Bold disposable vapes promise an enduring vaping experience that satisfies even the most discerning vapers. But don’t just take our word that they’re the best — check out the Z Bold collection today to find the strongest disposable vape that fits you best.

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