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9 Best JUUL Alternatives

Even though vape manufacturer JUUL was once considered the market leader in the e-cigarette industry, a number of new manufacturers have popped up offering new flavors, technologies, and options for consumers.

This is good news for e-cig users as last year, the nicotine-based e-cigarette devices manufactured by JUUL, (commonly referred to as JUULs) came to the attention of mainstream consumers when the United States government, along with state and local municipalities, attempted the restriction of the product due to an increase in vaping-related health risks, particularly among teenagers.

As a result, the availability of JUULs has become more limited. However, that doesn’t mean other manufacturers aren’t coming up with safer, tastier, and more potent alternatives that we’re excited to try in the new year. There are plenty of options out there as the industry continues to evolve and innovate, ranging from portable disposable pens to long-lasting refillable options and beyond.

Regardless of the type of vaping you do, here are some of the best JUUL alternatives available in 2021 — let’s take a look.

What is JUUL?

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JUULs are a brand of disposable e-cigarettes that contain 0.7mL of flavored oil, or “e-juice”. The user simply sucks on the device’s mouthpiece to activate an internal heating mechanism, often called a coil or atomizer. This heats up the e-juice, transforming it into a vapor that is then inhaled into the lungs, similar to how you’d smoke a traditional cigarette. 

JUULs and similar devices often come in a sleek design, resembling a USB drive, and are often referred to as vape pens, sticks, or pods.

Best Alternatives to JUUL Vapes

Now that you have some background, let’s take a look at some of the best brands that are giving JUULs a run for their money.

9) Vaporesso: ZERO

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One of the top refillable e-cigarette options comes from Vaporesso. The ZERO, with its patented push-to-fill system, helps you easily add your favorite e-juice while avoiding cartridge leaks. This device also offers dry-hit protection and has three different heating temperatures.

Why is ZERO a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • 2mL refillable cartridges
  • Option to upgrade from 1.3 c-cell pod to 1.0 MESH pod
  • 650mAh battery

8) Apollo E-Cigs: BREZ Pods

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Vaping with BREZ is a breeze thanks to a simple, efficient design that uses pluggable pods. Although they offer a smaller amount of e-juice at 1mL, a regulated system gives you the perfect hit, whether you like long or short puffs. 

Why is BREZ a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • 320mAh battery and easy to use charger
  • LED indicator light
  • Slim design that easily fits in your hand or pocket

7) Cafe Racer: Motto

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Cafe Racer Vapes bring you Motto, a premium disposable pod system that’s simple and satisfying. In a closed-system with a compact and efficient design, you can discreetly grab a hit of nicotine wherever you go.

Why is Motto a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • Available in six flavors
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

6) SMOK: Novo X

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One of the more attractive vapes on this list comes from manufacturer SMOK. Their Novo offers a fantastic, ergonomic vaping experience, all in a cobra-covered, metal-plated device. While these are not pre-filled, you can simply take the device apart and add in your favorite flavored e-juice.

Why is Novo a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • Cartridges fits 2mL of e-juice
  • 450mAh battery
  • Eight stunning colors

5) Uwell: Caliburn

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Uwell’s vape pod system features a sleek-yet-sturdy aluminum alloy housing and a powerful, rechargeable 520mAh battery for all-day vaping. With refillable, proprietary e-juice cartridges and flavors, your taste buds will never get bored.

Why is Caliburn a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • Six different colors available
  • 2mL tank capacity
  • Magnetitic, snap-in cartridge connection

4) Suorin: Air

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This device is an upgrade of the popular Suorin Drop in a new, portable pod design. Delivering a superior mouth-to-lung draw, the Suorin Air offers a durable, re-fillable, and long-lasting option for serious vapers.

Why is Suorin Air a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • 2mL e-juice capacity
  • Durable design in a small package
  • 400mAh battery

3) MIG Vapor: Cig Starter Kit

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MIG Cig is a disposable option that looks and feels like a traditional tobacco cigarette. For a classic e-cigarette experience, or if you’re trying to quit smoking, this kit from MIG might be a good place to start. 

Why is MIG Cig a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • Available in four tobacco and menthol flavors
  • 0.9mL of e-juice
  • No charging or refilling

2) Vuse: Alto

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This JUUL alternative, from Vuse, offers both a large-capacity pod and a larger, sturdier design than its competitor. With an easy to use draw-to-fire activation, this pen provides flavorful, satisfying hits throughout the day (and then some).

Why is Alto a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • 5% nicotine in each pod
  • Battery lasts up to a day and a half on a single charge
  • Buttonless design

1) Z Stick Disposable Vapes

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row of Z Stick Disposable Vape packages

The latest disposable vaporizer to hit the market is a simple, no-maintenance, flavorful option — Z Stick from Ziip Labs. As one of the only disposable vape companies to have had their premarket tobacco application (PMTA) officially accepted and filed by the FDA, their products are the most similar to classic JUULS. When you’re finished with the e-juice, simply throw it away, open a new one, and keep on puffing.

Why is Z Stick a Good JUUL Alternative?

  • Available in 13 e-juice flavors and a variety of nicotine strengths.
  • 1.4mL of flavored e-juice
  • 500 potent puffs in each device

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