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8 Best Nicotine Pouches for 2024

On a quest to find the best nicotine pouches for 2024? We've got you covered. Below, we'll cover our top 8 nicotine pouch brands and discuss what makes them stand out.

So, without further ado, if you’re ready, let's dive in! What are the best nicotine pouches? The best tasting nicotine pouches? Let’s find out.

TL/DR Summary of the best nicotine pouches and nicotine pouch brands

Z Pouch: A leading "pre-primed" nicotine pouch with 7mg of nicotine per pouch and some of the best nicotine pouch flavors on the market, making them one of the best-tasting nicotine pouches.

ZYN: One of the most popular brands on the market. This company offers two synthetic nicotine strength options — 3mg and 6mg.

LUCY: Popular pouch brand with three strength options — 4mg, 8mg, and 12mg.

FRE: A brand with one of the highest available nicotine strengths — 15mg per pouch.

on!: Popular pouches featuring 1.5mg, 2 mg, 3.5mg, 4mg, and 8mg varieties.

Rogue: Offers 3mg and 6mg strength options in a wide variety of popular nicotine pouch flavors.

Juice Head: Another famous maker of tobacco-free nicotine pouches with a unique "Zero Tobacco Nicotine" formulation and two strength options — 6mg and 12mg.

White Fox: Offers mainly mint-flavored nicotine pouches with some of the highest nicotine levels (up to 30mg) available. It may be one of the best nicotine pouches to quit smoking because it retains some taste of tobacco leaf.

Z Pouch

Z Pouch is a leading "pre-primed" nicotine pouch, which means it comes pre-moistened and ready to use right out of the tin — that means there's no waiting around for the pouch to become active or for the effects of the nicotine to kick in!

Each tin contains 20 pouches, each with 7mg of nicotine, landing it right in the "Goldilocks zone" (or sweet spot) for nicotine content.

You can choose from five refreshing flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple Banana, Banana Ice, Citrus Ice, and Skit Ice.

Shop Z Pouch nicotine patches here.


ZYN is among the most popular — if not the most popular and best-selling nicotine pouch brands in the United States.

Although each tin contains only 15 pouches, Zyn offers several popular flavors and two nicotine strengths to choose from — 3mg per pouch and 6mg per pouch — allowing you to "choose your own adventure" with every order.

ZYN is available in 10 flavors — Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint, Cool Mint, Coffee, Cinnamon, Citrus, Chill, Menthol and Smooth.

Shop ZYN nicotine pouches here.


Closeup of container of Lucy nicotine pouches in 6-pack bundle

LUCY is another nicotine pouch brand that offers options when it comes to nicotine strengths. You can choose from 4mg, which LUCY says is generally for people who only occasionally use nicotine; 12mg, which LUCY says is reserved for "thrill-seekers"; or 8mg, which is obviously middle of the road.

Each tin, regardless of its strength, contains 16 pouches.

Of note, LUCY intends to make a transition to 100% lab-made tobacco for its pouches. Still, it has yet to reach the goal (some of its products contain Nicotine polacrilex, which is nicotine that's been extracted from tobacco plants.)

Beyond the strength options, you can choose from six popular flavors — Wintergreen, Mango, Cinnamon, Apple Ice, Espresso and Mint.

Shop LUCY nicotine pouches here.


FRE is another manufacturer that offers three different nicotine levels — 9mg, 12mg, and a whopping 15mg of nicotine per pouch. FRE boasts that it uses its own "pre-primed technology" to "ensure unparalleled satisfaction, moisture retention, and nicotine efficacy."

A regular tin of FRE contains 20 pouches (on par with Z Pouch), while "Mega Tins" of 100 pouches are also available.

FRE offers limited options flavor-wise, with Mint, Wintergreen, Lush, and Sweet being the only available flavors. It gets high marks from users for the Mint and Wintergreen standbys, which many people will be familiar with.

Shop FRE nicotine pouches here.


on! nicotine pouches up the nicotine level customization game a few notches. You'll find pouches in strengths of 1.5mg, 2mg, 3.5mg, 4mg, and 8mg, although the 1.5mg and 3.5mg formulations are only available online.

Like every brand on this list, on! is a well-respected pouch manufacturer with a long track record. It's also one of the most popular makers of nicotine patches in the industry, so it knows its stuff when it comes to nicotine.

Each tin contains 20 nicotine pouches in one of the five strengths mentioned above, positioning on! among the best nicotine pouches in US stores.

In terms of flavors, there's a wide variety to suit nearly anyone's tastes. on!'s flavors include Wintergreen, Mint, Coffee, Cinnamon, Citrus, Berry and Original.

Shop on! nicotine pouches here.


Rogue offers an entire line of tobacco-free nicotine products, including nicotine lozenges, gum, and tablets, along with the focus of our story, pouches.

Rogue uses steam-extracted nicotine and food-grade flavorings in its popular pouch lineup, which includes two variations — a 6mg per pouch version, which they call "high strength," and a 3mg version, which they call "low strength." Each tin contains 20 pouches.

Each strength is available in 10 flavors, including Honey Lemon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint, Mango, Berry, Apple, Cinnamon, Original and Tabac.

Shop Rogue nicotine pouches here.

Juice Head

Juice Head nicotine pouches have grown in popularity in recent years, largely thanks to their "Zero Tobacco Nicotine" formulation and popular flavors.

The pouches are available in two strengths — 6mg and 12mg — putting them right in the middle of the nicotine range among options on our list. Each Juice Head tin contains 20 pouches.

The flavors, all centered around mint and various fruits, include Blueberry Lemon Mint, Watermelon Strawberry Mint, Mango Strawberry Mint, Raspberry Lemonade Mint, and Peach Pineapple Mint.

Shop Juice Head nicotine pouches here.

White Fox Slim

White Fox pouches are attractive for a few reasons. First, on the inside, they contain nicotine and flavoring derived from essential oils.

Next, on the "outside," their pouches are made from a unique fleece material, which the company says provides a more enjoyable mouth feel than the standard paper-based wrappers.

The nicotine levels of White Fox pouches vary depending on which style/line you select, ranging from a low of 8mg per pouch to as much as 30mg per pouch.

Also, although White Fox pouches contain zero tobacco, they’re made from tobacco-derived nicotine and still retain a tobacco taste. This formulation makes them among the best nicotine pouches to quit smoking.

Flavors include Mint, Peppermint, and Menthol, each retaining some of the flavor of the tobacco leaf from which they're extracted.

Shop White Fox nicotine pouches on online retailers like


What is a nicotine pouch?

Nicotine pouches are not like the chewing tobacco products of years ago, and they don't contain tobacco leaves.

Instead, they're small bags that usually contain other plant fibers, flavorings, various other additives (depending on the manufacturer), and nicotine.

They're becoming increasingly popular among people looking for an alternative to cigarettes or inhaled nicotine vapes. They are designed to give a nicotine "hit" without needing to inhale smoke or vapor.

Another advantage nicotine pouches have over chewing tobacco or tobacco pouches is that they're "spit-free." Anyone who has ever watched someone chewing tobacco unleash a stream of brown saliva onto the ground or into a cup knows just how much of an advantage that feature is.

Are nicotine pouches harmful?

Nicotine pouches are generally going to be a less harmful way to get nicotine into your system than alternatives like smoking or chewing tobacco, both of which are well-known to cause various types of cancer, gum disease, tooth loss, stained teeth, and other highly undesirable side effects.

Nicotine pouches aren’t officially considered to be nicotine replacement therapy, though many people do use them to help them quit smoking.

Remember that because they contain nicotine, even the best nicotine pouch brands can cause problems in people sensitive to this compound. Nicotine can contribute to things like rapid heartbeat, excitability, anxiety, and insomnia, to name a few of the potential side effects. Note that nicotine pouches are not suitable for anyone under the age of 21.

How do you use a nicotine pouch?

To "use" a nicotine pouch, you rest it between your cheek or lip and your gums, allowing it to release nicotine into your system slowly.

How long does a nicotine pouch last?

In general, a nicotine pouch will continue releasing nicotine for around 20 to 30 minutes after you put it in your mouth. However, some people will leave a pouch in longer if they want to extract every last ounce of flavor or if they're quitting smoking and need help overcoming the oral fixation component of a smoking habit.

How much nicotine is typically in a nicotine pouch?

There's no single correct answer to this question. Different manufacturers will include different amounts of nicotine in their products.

Generally, you can expect to see anywhere from 1mg to 10mg of nicotine per pouch from the best flavor nicotine pouches, with some brands offering much higher levels. As always, read labels carefully to determine the strength of any individual brand.

Final Words of Advice

A man sitting in a lounge chair and relaxing

Our list above should serve as a great starting point and buying guide as you search for the best rated nicotine pouches for your needs and taste. But if you decide to go outside of our list, the two most important factors to consider if you want to evaluate nicotine pouches on your own are going to be nicotine level and flavor.

It's a good idea to start low in terms of nicotine level. You'll want to find your sweet spot without overdoing it early on. Flavor is more straightforward to determine, though remember that the same flavor from different brands may taste slightly or radically different.

Outside of those two tips, stick with trusted companies with plenty of reviews to ensure you get a quality product. Or just stick with our list above. After all, we've already done the work, so you don't have to!

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