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10 Best Disposable Vapes for Heavy Smokers in 2024

Recent statistics show that 40.3% of ex-smokers were able to quit with the help of vaping. But what if you were smoking two packs or more per day? Is vaping still a logical option?

We think it is. But it’s crucial that you find the best vapes for heavy smokers because these vapes last longer, provide a more powerful drag, and offer more nicotine per puff to fulfill your needs and ensure you don’t turn back to cigarettes.

In this guide, we’ll cover many of the best vapes for cigarette smokers, why we chose them, and what we think makes them an excellent choice for you.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Disposable Vape for Heavy Smokers

If you’re looking for the best vapes for heavy smokers, there are some special considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. Let’s talk about it.

Nicotine Strength is Most Important

For smokers used to inhaling a pack or more per day, nicotine strength should be priority number one. Look for disposables packing at least 5% nicotine salt e-liquid to satisfy those powerful cravings.

Anything less, and you may find yourself puffing nonstop, burning through the device in record time.

Flavor Profile Matters:

So, this is subjective. What types of cigarettes do you like to smoke? If you smoke menthol, you may prefer a minty flavor of sorts. If you’re used to smoking full-flavor cigarettes, you may benefit from a traditional tobacco taste as you transition.

Just keep in mind that choosing a strong disposable vape is going to be about options early on, so go for a company that provides numerous flavors.

Battery Life and Puff Count

Low puff counts are one of the big reasons why people turn back to the cigarette pack.

Avoid the frustration of a disposable dying mid-vape session: Heavy users need a hefty battery — at least 650 mAh — to power longer, more frequent puffing.

And those puffs add up quickly, so look for options advertising higher puff counts — devices offering 15,000 puffs or more will keep you vaping for days on end without constant trips to the vape shop.

Adjustability and Customization

You’ll notice that a lot of the vapes we recommend offer adjustable power capabilities. This is important because you may want a strong throat and lung feel early on that matches the feeling of smoking cigarettes.

To get that satisfaction, you need a disposable vape that can really crank the power up.

Disposable but Durable

A disposable is meant for temporary use, but that doesn't mean it should feel cheap or flimsy. Avoid the gas station finds and opt for reputable brands that prioritize quality. Knowing where to buy your disposable vape can make a big difference.

Look for descriptors like "anti-leak technology," "food-grade plastic," and "metallic mouthpiece." There's nothing worse than a sticky, malfunctioning device when you need that nicotine fix.

10 Best Disposable Vapes for a Heavy Smoker

Top Pick: Ziip Stick

Ziip Stick's Z Stick tobacco flavored vape

Since one of the keys for a heavy smoker switching to vaping is puff strength, we highly recommend our Ziip Stick as the best vape for cigarette smokers. Ours is one of the only brands that offers customizable nicotine levels across every product.

When you’re first transitioning from smoking to vaping, you may prefer a more potent nicotine hit, so we let you choose formulations from 1 mg/ml up to 5 mg/ml for optimal nicotine strength.

Our vapes also come in 500-, 2,500-, and 5,000-puff configurations, so you can purchase the one that is most appropriate for your vaping frequency.

With 13 different flavors, you have many options, but we recommend the tobacco flavor because it offers the smoothest transition from cigarettes.

That said, we suggest trying our sweet flavors as well because they’re not too sweet and always offer a smoother and more gentle throat hit than any of the other disposable vapes on the market.

Shop Ziip Stick disposable vapes here

Elf Bar BC5000

Elf Bar BC5000 vapes

The Elf Bar BC5000 offers a robust throat hit and substantial vapor production, which we find crucial in curbing cravings. All in all, it stands out as a top-tier choice for anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

These diffusers come in a variety of different flavors, with tobacco being one of the most popular for people trying to quit smoking.

You get around 5,000 puffs for each device, and you can choose between the 5 mg and 0 mg nicotine strength, so they can be a helpful way to wean yourself off nicotine over time.

Shop Elf Bar BC5000 vapes here

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro

Oxbar Pro disposable vape

If you’re looking for a strong disposable vape, the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro vape is a great option. This compact device offers customizable wattage (11 15W) and airflow options to enhance your vaping pleasure.

With its 650 mAh rechargeable battery, 18 mL of 5% nicotine salt, and a wide selection of 21 flavors, this vape will surely excite your taste buds.

The Magic Maze Pro excels in vapor quality, flavor richness, and draw smoothness. Whether you prefer an airy draw or something more intense, this device caters to your needs.

However, be aware that the battery life and e-liquid tend to deplete rapidly. Additionally, the battery and e-liquid indicators may not always be accurate.

This device takes about 105 minutes to charge, a bit longer than the average. Despite these issues, the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro offers a vaping experience that is truly magical.

Shop OXBAR Magic Maze Pro here


Friobar MX 10k variety

Next, we have the FRIOBAR MX 10K, which resembles some old-school box mods but offers a 650 mAh battery, USB-C charging, and adjustable airflow. It comes in 10 different flavors up to 5% nicotine strength, so it’s an ideal choice for heavy smokers.

Another standout feature is a DUOMESH dual-coil, which provides a smooth and flavorful vaping experience that doesn’t require you to pull too hard.

The MX 10K's flavor production is impressive, with options like Blueberry Sparkling and Miami Mint offering unique and enjoyable tastes. The device's screen is easy to read, and the whistle-tip mouthpiece is comfortable to use.

Shop FRIOBAR MX 10K here

Lost Mary OS5000

Lost Mary OS edition vape

Here, we have another box-mod pebble design disposable vape for heavy smokers. It comes with a 13 mL e-juice capacity and 5% nicotine e-liquid. The device offers a satisfying experience that smokers of different levels can enjoy.

Best of all, it comes in 12 different flavors, allowing you to try different things and see what you like.

If the Elf Bar's success is any indication, expect to see an expanding flavor lineup for this sister brand shortly. Whether you're a fan of the Elf BC5000's shape or simply seeking a high-quality disposable, the Lost Mary OS5000 is a solid choice that delivers on both style and performance.

Shop Lost Mary disposable vapes here

Geek Bar Pulse

Geek Bar plus blue mint

If you’re looking for something cool and unique to replace your cigarettes, the Geek Bar Pulse is a sleek and space-inspired disposable vape.

It delivers a powerful, full-bodied flavor in each puff and has a long-lasting battery to ensure the depth of flavor and potency never diminish.

The device’s enhanced airflow and 20 W output provide a satisfying vaping experience with dense vapor production.

A full-screen display keeps you informed of your battery and e-juice levels, while the comfortable, bite-friendly mouthpiece adds to the overall enjoyment.

With a wide range of delectable flavors, the Geek Bar Pulse is a top-tier disposable perfect for flavor chasers and those seeking a premium vaping experience on the go.

Shop the Geek Bar Pulse here

IJOY Judo 24000

IJOY vape in Blue Raspberry Ice flavor

This next vape from IJOY ensures a powerful drag each time. It has two power modes (15 W and 25 W) and a dual mesh coil to produce great flavor and vapor.

The diffuser’s 2.7" HD touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface, displaying battery life and e-liquid levels. Its 25 mL capacity and 850 mAh battery offer up to 24,000 puffs in normal mode, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Available in a wide range of enticing flavors, the iJoy TaijiZen Judo provides good options if you want to experiment and try new things.

Shop the IJOY Judo 24000 here

Flum UT Bar Vapes

Flum UT disposable vapes

Like the Lost Mary and Elf Bar devices, the Flum UT disposable vape offers 6,000 puffs and 10 ml of pre-filled e-liquid. You don’t have to worry about carrying around vape juice and filling up the narrow tank all the time.

The rechargeable 550 mAh battery ensures convenience and sustainability, while the mesh coil technology enhances flavor and vapor production for an immersive vaping experience.

This device comes with a bunch of user-friendly features like e-liquid indicators and power controls to help you optimize your vaping experience based on the number of cigarettes you’re used to smoking.

Shop the Flum UT Bar Vapes here

Airis Speedy 15000

Airis Speedy disposable vape in Watermelon Ice flavor

Two of the most significant issues most smokers encounter that lead them back to cigarettes are: the vape is too challenging to use, and, the vape doesn’t last long enough.

You’ll not have to worry about those issues with the Airis Speedy.

This vape offers up to 15,000 puffs and comes in a variety of fruity flavors for those who want them, as well as tobacco and spearmint for those who prefer a more traditional flavor.

The Airis Speedy has two different modes that can offer a more potent nicotine hit but reduce the number of puffs to 10,000. This adjustability makes it one of the best nicotine vapes for heavy smokers.

Shop the Airis Speed 15000 here

Innokin Arcfire

innokin arcfire vape

This option might work for you if you’re looking for something different from the standard “use and throwaway” vapes. The Arcfire from Innokin offers a no-leak pod design and a battery that charges up to 75% in 30 minutes or less.

You’ll purchase individual pods for this device and then insert them into the battery unit. It comes with four pods ranging from 2 ml to 3 ml, each containing a different nicotine strength based.

The vape is easy to use — the pod system is much simpler than adding e-juice to the tank — and the setup is more environmentally friendly than the typical disposable vape.

Shop the Innokin Arcfire here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best disposable vape for a heavy smoker?

We believe that our Ziip Stick is the best vape for cigarette smokers. It offers a powerful yet smooth burst of nicotine, which helps mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

Plus, it comes in natural cigarette flavors like tobacco, making for an easy transition.

Can disposable vapes help you quit smoking?

Disposable vapes have the potential to help you quit smoking, but their effectiveness long-term isn’t proven.

It’s essential to consider many of the factors we’ve discussed throughout this article because they can be the reasons why vaping ends up being a successful option for you.

Important features to consider include:

  • Strong nicotine delivery
  • Mimicry of the regular smoking behavior
  • A gradually decreasing nicotine dose

Finding the best types of vapes that meet these criteria can help ensure you’ve set yourself up with the best opportunity to quit if that’s what you’re trying to do.

What are popular disposable vape flavors for heavy smokers?

When you’re first transitioning from smoking to vaping, it’s important to consider the flavor you choose to use. You’ll want to find something that simulates the experience of cigarettes as closely as possible.

We believe the best disposable vape flavors are tobacco, menthol, spearmint, and cool mint. These are the flavors that come closest to those of full-flavor and menthol cigarettes.

How long do disposable vapes typically last?

The longevity of your disposable vape will depend on factors like battery capacity, e-liquid volume, and habits. Most disposable vapes are designed to last as long as two packs of cigarettes would.

So, if you’re used to smoking a pack a day, you can expect to get around two days or more out of your disposable.

Larger disposables, such as the Airis Mega and Airis Alpha, boast higher e-liquid capacities (5ml to 14 ml) and puff counts ranging from 1500 to a whopping 20,000.

These beefed-up options are tailored for heavy smokers or those seeking extended use before disposal.

a person looking through a series of vape products at a store

Are disposable vapes for heavy smokers safe for you?

It’s important to understand that any vaping is inherently more dangerous than not smoking or vaping at all. Nicotine comes with health risks and the risk of addiction.

What is most crucial in vaping is an understanding of your e-liquid’s ingredients and the quality of the brand you choose.

Some e-liquids contain artificial colors, flavors, and other ingredients that could be harmful to your health.

So, disposable vapes are safe compared to cigarettes, but they are not without their risks. Most of the lung-related injuries from vaping stem from the inclusion of vitamin E acetate — especially common in THC e-cigarettes.

What are the potential side effects of using disposable vapes for heavy smokers?

Many of the side effects people experience from disposable vapes are the same as those associated with smoking cigarettes.

The main difference is that you might feel more compelled to sit there and relentlessly puff on your vape every day, which you couldn’t do before. This approach can lead to nicotine overdose, increased heart rate, throat irritation, and nicotine dependency.

What are alternatives to disposable vapes for a heavy smoker?

If you’re trying to quit smoking, you have access to several alternatives to vaping. Nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges are popular options. There are even prescription medications that can help as well.

Outside of that, therapy, counseling, and even hypnotherapy have worked for many individuals.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best disposable vapes for heavy smokers can be a challenge. You’re used to smoking a certain number of cigarettes every day, and you need something to match that feeling.

It’s important to remember that you stand the best chance of keeping cigarettes away by choosing a vape that is strong, long-lasting, and similar in flavor to what you’re used to smoking.

This triumvirate is why we recommend our Ziip Stick: because it meets the criteria you need. You get a long-lasting battery, so you don’t find yourself stuck without anything to puff on and flavors similar to those of your favorite cigarettes.

Shop Ziip Stick disposable vapes here

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